Burj Al Arab is without any doubt one of the most iconic structures not only in Dubai but the entire world. It is a splendid example of an infrastructural development which the desert land of Dubai has set in front of the entire world. This landmark is the only Seven Star hotel in Dubai and manages to attract tourists from all over the world. You might think that staying at this luxurious hotel will burn a hole in your pockets, but this does not mean that you cannot visit it at all. You can book yourself a Burj Al Arab tour and get a glimpse of the extravagance and luxury of this amazing hotel. This hotel consists of 202 luxurious suites and 9 restaurants and bars, 4 swimming pools and even a beautiful private beach. Being the world’s 4th tallest hotel building, you cannot miss your visit at this place.

A package for Burj Al Arab tour Dubai can be booked through Desert Life Tourism at an affordable price. This package tour will start with your pickup according to the time you select. You can select a breakfast, lunch, evening or dinner package, depending upon your choice. The visit during dinner time is limited and hence, you can choose the other times as well. This glamorous hotel is an example of extravagant ambiance, luxury, and flamboyance of the Arabs, which is famous all over the world. You are guaranteed to drop your jaws when you visit this hotel as it is nothing less than a magical wonderland.

This luxurious hotel will make you feel like you are walking in a royal palace. Each and every aspect of this hotel is different. The interiors, decorations, expensive sculptures, artifacts and décor as well as the grandeur with which meals are presented and served is everything worth experiencing. A visit to Burj Al Arab will be indeed a pampering experience and a reflection of what Arab grandeur consists of.

There is a certain dress code which needs to be followed when you are to visit this iconic hotel. Men are requested to wear full-length trousers along with collared shirt or classy and elegant pair of jeans. Footwear has to be closed shoes which are presentable. For women, they can wear a dress, suit, long skirt or a dressy slack along with a top. The national dress of UAE can also be worn by women. Make sure none of the clothing is tightly fitting for you. Shorts, flip-flops, T-shirts and sports shoes are not allowed.

Additional Information:

  • The timings for breakfast tour will be from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm.
  • The lunch tour will be from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
  • Evening snacks tour will start at 4.00 pm and end at 8.00 pm.
  • Dinner tour will be conducted from 8.00 pm to 12.00 midnight.
  • Check for availability of all the Burj Al Arab tour deals in advance.
  • Advanced booking is mandatory.
  • Pickup and drop will be done from your hotel in Dubai or other places on special request.

Price is 400