Parasailing is one of the most exciting adventure activities in the world. The best part about parasailing is that you do not need to have a practice in adventure or water sports before doing it and hence, you can enjoy it as your first time experience. Parasailing tour in Dubai is all the way more special because you will not only be able to float in the air over sparkling blue sea waters but see some of the most amazing views of tall standing buildings and landmarks of Dubai. There are many parasailing in Dubai deals available and if you want to experience this water sport, the best package to book is the one offered by Desert Life tourism.

As you go to the beach and are about to start the tour, you will first be shown all the safety rules and procedures. You will be later towed behind the boat while you wear your harness and parachute. The boat will drive off further into the sea and you will be flying in the air, 200 meters above the sea. You will indeed feel like a bird spreading its wings wide open. If you want to enjoy, even more, you can go along with your friends or family because 3 people can go on a parachute together at a time.

Parasailing is indeed a recreational ride and has nothing to do with the professional paragliding activity and hence, you can practice it even if you are not professionally trained to do it. You will directly take off from the flight deck of the boat and with the latest equipment guarding and protecting you; you will be able to experience a tranquil time up above in the air, floating over the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. You will get to absorb some of the most breathtaking views of the endless ocean from the height and you are guaranteed to remember this experience for your entire lifetime.

This tour will not be a simple paragliding trip, but one of the most luxurious adventure experiences you will ever have because you will not only be floating in the air over sea waters, but surrounded by some of the most iconic structures in the world. You will get the view of Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. You will also be able to overlook the Jumeirah beach, Burj Al-Arab hotel, which is one of the most glamorous beach holiday destinations in the world. Thus, this paragliding trip in Dubai will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life and this will make your vacation to Dubai completely worthwhile.

Additional Information:

  • Parasailing tour entirely depends on the weather and wind conditions.
  • Pickup and drop will be done from your hotel or residence in Dubai and other places on special request.
  • Wear swimsuits during the activity as your clothes might get wet.
  • Contact Desert Life Tourism for more information about activity timings and parasailing in Dubai Marina price as well as requirements of the tour.

Price is 495